Abstract Artwork by Glen Josselsohn

Abstract artwork..

…is making a immense comeback. Not just the art but also the masters of abstract art – there has been a huge number of amazing exhibitions of contemporary abstract artists in the last couple of years.

  • It must be said that we are not living in an era of abstract art, commonly perceived that the beginning of the 21st century is characterized by the diversity of different art movements – there is no representative style of the age.
  • Still, contemporary abstract art will have a significant place in future art history books, where experts will analyze art movements of our time.
Abstract Artwork by Glen Josselsohn
Abstract Artwork by Glen Josselsohn

Glen is a leading South African Contemporary/Abstract artist who’s unique style buzzes with energy and movement.

What my art will create?

Open up the imagination, engage the senses and evoke the sense of curiosity from deep within the viewer.

My paintings adorn the walls of exclusive hotels and been featured in variety of lifestyle T.V programmes, and home and decor magazines.

Art Aficionados, design specialists and home owners agree that there is nothing quite like art to give a room character of it’s own.

If the decor is the attire of the room, then the paintings on the walls are definitely its attitude.

Glen’s signature art offers the right kind of attitude, making it the perfect solution to complement modern and chic spaces.

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